Developper Space lover

I coded my very first site for a game server in order to centralize server community. Since then, I am passionate about IT, from Web development to the implementation of the network infrastructure.
I am also passionate about space exploration. The space is fascinating and I do not think we are the only form of life in the universe.



2017 - 2020
Master of Science

2015 - 2017

2013 - 2015

Creative, Imaginative, Passionate

Since I was little, I have an overflowing imagination, my brain is constantly boiling and the ideas are not lacking, that's why I took a passion for computer development.
This one allows me to express myself totally. Indeed from simple lines of code to be able to create a complete and functional application. Being able to design one from A to Z is so exciting.

It's this freedom that made me love the world of space exploration, I have the dream to see the discovery of a form of life even primary or to see humanity become an interplanetary species.


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Touch here .. What you heard something ?

@ David Scott - Apollo 15

Gotcha ! Even the biggest can be fooled.

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